Windows Phone Courses

Smartphones have become an integral part of our business and private lives. It helps to know how a smartphone works – it really is a PC, that can also make phone calls.

With this is mind we have been creating courses based on the Windows phone (the concepts apply to Apple and Android phones too). We have the following exciting courses using Windows phone (more to come – stay tuned)

 General Courses

 Windows Phone for Serious Work

General phone courses
lumia-830     phonenbible      lumia-mm

Using your phone for serious work
word-on-lumia      pptonlumia      excel-on-windows-phone

Other Course Categories

We have courses in the following categories – be sure to browse these pages as there are many gems to discover!

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We provide project-based online courses in topics related to the everyday tasks in business and organizations. These courses are very practical.

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