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Our goal is to provide flexible learning solutions to individuals, small businesses and small organizations like societies and not for profits. Our focus then is exactly on the tools that you need and use on a daily basis to do what you do – i.e. word processing, the Internet and videography.

Success in learningProject-based learning – it really works

Based on years of experience teaching and providing support to our clients, we structure our courses in a way we know really works: project-based learning!

While we do offer individual and classroom training, we believe that online learning is better suited to the busy schedules of many people today.

Our video-based online courses give you the same quality experience as if you were in a classroom, but in affordable chunks and at times that suit your schedule!

Whether using your computer in your office, your laptop at home or at Starbucks – whether you are in Toronto or Timbuktu – our online learning is available wherever you can connect to the Internet. These courses are truly practical.

Still Not Sure? Try Our Free Introductory Courses!

  •  Why not try our free introductory MS Word course: Using MS Word Like A Pro?
  • Or if videography is more your thing, try the free course teaches how to create a powerful promotional video using Movie Maker and no video camera required: Making A Promotional Video!

Course Categories

We have courses in the following categories – be sure to browse these pages as there are many gems to discover!

Don’t see a course you need? Let us know – we might be able to put it together for you.

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